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Category: Grower’s corner 

What’s New With Trees Blog October 2021

During the dreary months of Winter 2020/2021, we tried something new at Puget Sound Plants. We created a campaign to reach out and start purposeful conversations with various Landscape Architects throughout Washington State.

Boxwood Bronzing

Boxwood Bronzing As we come out of the winter I wanted to talk about everyone’s favorite hedge plant, boxwood.The english boxwood, Buxus sempervirens, along with

Leafspot Part 2

Leafspot Part 2 Last month I talked to you about fungal leafspot, now we’re onto the harder of the two, bacterial leafspot. Bacterial leafspot is

Monthly Spotlight: Leafspot Part 1

Monthly Spotlight: Leafspot Part 1 Ah yes, February. It’s starting to warm up and we’re looking forward to the joys of spring. Unfortunately with the

Abiotic Damage: Cold

Abiotic Damage: Cold Winter is in full swing here in Washington. Given the cold night time temps we can get in January and February I