UPDATES:  Welcome to Puget Sound Plants’ new website. If you were previously registered your login has been saved, however you will need to re-verify your email address.


Puget Sound Plants is a wholesale nursery that serves landscape contractors, municipalities, and other related businesses. We are closed to the public and would recommend that any retail customers work with one of the many contractors or designers we partner with to purchase plants.

Wholesale customers can register on our website to view prices. Select the “login” tab and follow the prompts to create a username and password.

If you’re a customer, we’ll help you set up an account on our website. If you forgot your password for our website, please click on the forgot password link on the /wp-admin page on our site and we’ll send you a link to update your password or obtain your username.

When you send a query for a quote, please include your business or company name, project name, need-by date, resellers permit (if not currently on file), and jobsite address to ensure an accurate delivery fee.
Using the Latin/scientific plant names when inquiring about pricing or availability is encouraged.
The plant proposals we prepare are for your review. Please make sure to read over any comments and confirm that the quantities and line items are correct before you finalize your order.

A “budget number” indicates that the item was not located at bid time or is not available. The price that is listed in correlation with a budget number is anticipated to cover the cost of a suitable substitute.

To best guarantee your preferred delivery date we ask for at least two weeks’ notice.

We do not require deposits on future orders and discourage pre-payments.

We strive to maintain high quality plant material, but cannot give any warranty, expressed or implied as to the livability or productivity once the plants leave our nursery.

Any plants deemed unsatisfactory at the time of delivery can be sent back on the truck at no charge and they will be removed from your final invoice. However, we do not accept returns of plant material that has been previously delivered and accepted on site.

The delivery fees out of both sales locations are destination-based. Certain areas require a monetary minimum to qualify for delivery. Please inquire with your sales representative for details. If an order requires multiple deliveries there will be a charge for each trip made to the site.

We do not charge a fee to have plants pre-pulled for pick up at the nursery. Puget Sound Plants strongly encourages our customers to call or email in any orders to the office so they can be pulled prior to your arrival. We reserve the right to release back into stock any order not picked up within 10 business days. 

Our trees and plants are measured using the American Standard for Nursery Stock. We do not follow DNR measuring standards. Please visit the following link for further details. ANSI Standards

Our flats come in quantities of 18 or 25. We prefer full flat orders but they are not required.

Our fleet consists of box trucks and semi tractors & trailers of varying lengths.

Our drivers are not responsible for unloading any plant material but may assist if desired. Truck drivers are tasked with delivering all plant material safely to the jobsite. We require comprehensive information from our customers about each location prior to delivery so we do not send drivers into potentially inaccessible or hazardous situations.

We accept: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

 We can ship anywhere in the state but are not licensed to cross state lines.

We sell boxes of ½ inch chain lock and six foot tree stakes. Each box contains 250 feet of chain lock.

Puget Sound Plants does not take back used containers.

There is no catalog available. To view our most current availability by location, please visit our availability page.