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Trees for Low Impact Development

When thinking of plants that can filter water and handle runoff, many people think of grasses and other wetland plants. While these make excellent choices for rain gardens and Low Impact Development, they are not the only ones. LID is not just for small spaces. Many street trees and native trees make excellent choices for incorporating into water-wise designs. LID designs take stormwater runoff, erosion and drainage into account at every level. This includes the canopy of your design.

Many designs incorporate trees of one kind or another, especially for lining streets or creating shade. By choosing a water-wise tree, you can help conserve water, filter toxins and still create a gorgeous landscape.

Take a look at our list of street trees, native trees and landscape trees that are compatible with Low Impact Development. You can order any of these trees today. Give us a call with your orders and questions at 1-866-816-5080

Species Exposure Mature Ht./Spread Comments/ Other Cultivars
* Evergreen Tree
Acer campestre

Hedge Maple



To 30′ high and wide Slow growing, yellow fall color. Also ‘Evelyn’
Acer circinatum

Vine Maple

Sun/Part Shade 20′ – 25′ high and 20′ wide Drought tolerant once established
Acer ginnala

Amur Maple

Sun/Part Shade To 20′ high and wide Tolerant of drought, fragrant yellowish white flowers. Also ‘Flame’ and ‘Embers’
Acer griseum

Paperbark Maple

Sun/Part Shade 15′-25′ high and wide Bronze peeling bark, scarlet fall color, slow grower
Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple

Part Shade/Sun 15′-25′ high and 10′-25′ wide Slow to moderate growth, moderately drought resistant.  Lots of cultivars
Acer platanoides ‘Globosum’

Globe Norway Maple

Sun/Part Shade 15′-20′ high and wide Tolerant of urban pollution, shallow root system. Also ‘Almira’. Low availability
Acer triflorum

Roughbark Maple

Sun/Part Shade 25′-30′ high and 20′-25′ wide Apricot & gold fall color, rough knobby trunk provides year round interest. Not available at most nurseries
Acer truncatum

Purpleblow Maple

Sun 20′-25′ high and wide Very cold hardy, moderate growth, yellow flowers in spring
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Sun/Part Shade 20′-25′ high and 15′ wide Shrub or small tree, drought tolerant, red or yellow fall color.  Also ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Robin Hill’
Carpinus caroliniana

American hornbeam

Sun/Part Shade 20′-30′ high and wide Slow growing, deep spreading roots, slightly tolerant to saturation
Cercis Canadensis

Eastern redbud

Part Shade/Sun 25′ high and 30′ wide Drought resistant, not in full sun, shallow, fibrous roots become deeper on drier sites
Cornus kousa ‘Chinensis’

Chinese kousa dogwood

Sun/Part Shade To 20′ high and wide Moderate growth rate, red to maroon fall color, more disease resistant then other’s.  Also lots of cultivars available
Crataegus x lavalii

Lavalle hawthorn

Sun To 25′ high and 15′-20′ wide Bronze and coppery red fall color, fruit can be messy
Malus ssp.

Flowering crabapple

Sun/Part Shade 15′-25′ high and 6′-15′ wide Tolerant of drought and seasonally saturated soils, white or faint pink flowers.  Many cultivars available
Parrotia persica

Persian ironwood

Sun/Light Shade 15′-35′ high and 15′-30′ wide Drought tolerant when established, moderate growth rate, brilliant fall color
Prunus serrulata ‘Shirofugen’

Japanese flowering cherry

Sun To 25′ high and wide Double pink to white blooms in spring, vigorous grower.  Also ‘Snowgoose’ ‘Kwanzan’ and ‘Shirotae’

Medium Trees (30′ – 50′ Height) Space evenly every 25′ to 35′

Species Exposure Mature Ht./Spread Comments/ Other Cultivars
* Evergreen Tree
 Acer platanoides ‘Columnare’

Columnar Norway maple

Sun/Part Shade 40′-50′ high and 15′-20′ wide Upright or columnar in form, tolerant of drought and urban pollution.  Brilliant fall color, shallow roots
Acer rubrum

Red maple

Sun/Part shade 35′-50′ high and 15′-40′ wide Fast growing with shallow roots, known for fall color.  Also ‘Armstrong’ ‘Bowhall’ ‘Karpick’ ‘Scarsen’ and ‘Red Sunset’
Carpinus betulus

European hornbeam

Sun/Shade 40′-60′ high and 30′-40′ wide Tolerant of urban pollution and poor soils. Also ‘Fastigiata’ and ‘Franz Fontaine’
Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Applause’

Autumn Applause Ash

Sun To 40′ high and 25′ wide Dense, wide spreading canopy, long lived with purple fall color. Also ‘Junginger’
Fraxinus oxycarpa

Raywood ash

Sun 25′-50′ high and 25′ wide Drought and soil tolerant, can take extreme temps. Will not tolerate constant wind or fog, good disease and pest resistance
Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Green ash/ Red ash

Sun To 50′ high and to 40′ wide Fast growth rate, tolerant of wind, salt, seasonal drought and urban pollution.  Also ‘Patmore’ ‘Summit’ and ‘Urbanite’
Gingko biloba ‘Autumn Gold’

Maidenhair tree

Part sun/ Part shade 25′-50′ high and 25′-30′ wide Fast growing, long lived, tolerant of urban pollution, summer drought and winter inundation, showy fall color
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis ‘Shademaster’

Thornless honeylocust

Sun/part shade To 45′ high and 35′ wide Thornless cultivar tolerant of drought and seasonal inundation, displays vigourus growth. Also ‘Imperial’ ‘Moraine’ and ‘Rubylace’
Platanus x acerfolia ‘Bloodgood’

London planetree

Sun To 50′ high and 45′ wide Tolerant of seasonal drought, urban pollution and poor soils, resistant to many diseases, shallow roots
Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’

Flowering Pear

Sun To 40′ high and 15′ wide Grows well in variety of soil’s, orange to reddish fall color, also ‘Redspire’ and ‘Aristocrat’
Tillia cordata

Littleleaf linden

Sun 30′-50′ high and 30′ wide Tolerant of wind and urban pollution, fast growing and long lived, tolerates summer drought. Also ‘Chancellor’ ‘Corzam’ and ‘Greenspire’

Large Trees (50′ and over in height) Space evenly every 35′ to 45′

Species Exposure Mature Ht./Spread Comments/ Other Cultivars
* Evergreen Tree
* Abies grandis

Grand Fir

Sun/Part shade 100′ height and 40′ wide Evergreen, medium growth rate, root structure shallow in moist areas, deep in dry
Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Queen’

Emerald Queen Norway Maple

Sun/Part shade To 50′ high and 40′ wide Fast growing with an erect, spreading form, tolerant of summer drought, has shallow vigorous roots. Also ‘Parkway’
Acer saccharum

Sugar Maple

Sun/Part shade 60′-75′ high and 35′ wide Slow to medium growth rate, needs large area, yellow and orange fall color. Also ‘Legacy’
*Calocedrus decurrens

Incense Cedar

Sun/Part shade 75′-90′ high and 10′-20′ wide Drought tolerant after established, narrow growth habit, fragrant tree, slow and long lived
Fraxinus latifolia

Oregon ash

Sun/Part shade 40′-80′ high and 40′ wide Saturated, ponded or moist soils, flood tolerant, tolerant of poor soils
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

Thornless honeylocust

Sun/Part shade 60′-70′ high and 40′ wide Tolerant of drought, urban pollution, fruit pods can create litter during winter
Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn redwood

Sun 70′-100′ high and 25′ wide Fast growing conifer can grow in standing water, needles turn russet in fall then drop
*Picea omorika

Serbian spruce

Sun/Part shade 50′-60′ high and 20′-25′ wide Slow growing, tolerant of variety of soils moderately drought tolerant once established
Quercus bicolor

Swamp white oak

Sun 60′ high and 45′ wide Tolerant of drought conditions, withstands poorly drained soils, long lived with moderate growth
Quercus coccinea

Scarlet oak

Sun 50′-60′ high and 45′ wide Long lived with a moderate growth rate, tolerant of summer drought and urban pollution, will not tolerate shade
Quercus macrocarpa

Burr oak

Sun 70′-80′ high and 30′-40′ wide Slow growing and long lived, tolerant of seasonal drought and urban conditions
Quercus phellos

Willow Oak

Sun/Part shade 60′-70′ high and 50′ wide Long lived tree with moderate growth and fibrous root system, tolerant of seasonal drought and inundation
Quercus robur

English oak

Sun 40′-60’+ high and 40′ wide Slow to moderate growth, long lived tolerant of seasonal drought.  Susceptible to powdery mildew and aphids (also all the problems that come with aphids)
Quercus rubra

Northern Red Oak

Sun/Part shade 60′-75′ high and 50′ spread Drought tolerant when established, moderate rate of growth and longevity, susceptible to oak wilt fungus
Quercus shumardii

Shumard’s Oak

Sun To 70′ high and 40′ wide Long lived tree, tolerant of seasonal drought, urban pollution and poor soils
Taxodium distichum

Bald cypress

Sun/Part Shade To 75′ high and 40′ wide Deciduous conifer, Wet, muck soils, tolerant of summer drought and seasonal flooding, slow growing long lived
*Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar

Part shade/ shade 200’+ high and 60′ wide Moist to swampy soils, tolerant of seasonal flooding, long lived
Ulmus ssp.

Elm hybrids

Sun 50′-60′ high and 35′-50′ wide Drought tolerant, rapid grower, attractive yellow fall color.  ‘Accolade’ ‘Homestead’ and ‘Pioneer’