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Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Red Dragon’

#15 30-36”

‘Red Dragon’ is a semi-dwarf variety of laceleaf Japanese maples. Its average height is 3-5 feet, although they can sometimes reach up to 8 feet tall. Laceleaf trees, generally speaking are more delicate trees, subject to sunburn and the like. While ‘Red Dragon’ has a tougher skin than some other laceleaf trees, it’s best to plant it in partial shade. Its lacey foliage resembles dragon claws (hence the name) that emerge a magnificent purple-red, darkening throughout the year to a deep burgundy. The enticing color show continues into the fall, with leaves turning bright red. Even in winter, this tree holds our interest: the bark of new limbs grows a dark purple (almost black), which is quite striking when the leaves are gone.

Red Dragon