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Greetings, plant lovers, designers and landscape professionals! In honor of a new year and a new season approaching, we wanted to take a moment to update you on a few new things here at Puget Sound Plants.

Our nursery is thriving and expanding, as always, as we work to raise healthy beautiful plants for all your projects and customers. Our greenhouses and fields are packed with interesting specimens, native plants and more. And if there is a plant you need that we are not growing, we can usually find it for you. We are always here to help you get the plants you need. Contact us here to learn more.

New Staff!

We have new staff at Puget Sound Plants. We are excited to welcome Jim and Kirsten to our sales team. They both bring friendly service and enthusiasm to our team. Please give them a hearty welcome the next time you call us up or come by the nursery! Contact them at any time:

Jim Molloy  jim@psplants.com

Kirsten Stubbs  kirsten@psplants.com



You may have noticed a few changes to our website, in the last year. We have been focusing on making sure you get the plant information you need. This included adding a couple new categories to our website.

Plant Categories: This section has descriptions of common plant types we sell as well as lists of the main plants that fall into those categories. You can scroll through to look for the plants you need.

LID Plants: To help promote and assist in Low Impact Development, we have added a whole section devoted to this topic. Click on the main page to learn more about LID and then dive deeper to see the plant lists for various categories.

Plant Inventory: This section of our site has remained constant. We update continually so that you know what plants we have in stock. This database is searchable and up to date.

Thanks for choosing Puget Sound Plants! We hope to see you soon.