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root control bag1Photo thanks to High Caliper


What are they?

The Root Control Bag is a fabric container that holds plant’s root structure and makes harvesting and transplanting quick and easy. We use them on our farm to control growth and manage healthy plants, while saving soil and easing the transition. This increases plants’ survival rates, while making your job-and ours- a lot easier.

Why are they better?

Leads to rapid Growth: The porous bags allow water and nutrients to pass freely but the fabric traps and stores carbohydrates within the root ball structure. This buildup stays with the plant when you transplant it, giving it an instant fuel source to apply towards a growth spurt, when transplanted!

Much lighter root balls: The roots of trees and shrubs grown in Root Control Bags are more compact, containing less soil and more root mass. This makes them much easier to lift and saves on gasoline because you can fit more trees onto each truck load!

Leads to stronger trees: When bags are cut and trees are planted, compact root bags save 90% of the roots, when planted while B&Bs only save 30%. They have fewer disease issues and they grow much faster, leading to an overall higher success rate.

Learn more about the advantages by clicking here.


root control bag2

Photo thanks to High Caliper


How do you plant with them?

The first step is to remove the bag. DO NOT plant your tree with the bag still intact. Cut the bag from top to bottom and peal it away. If any of the fabric hangs up on a root, just cut as much of it off as you can.

Then plant the root ball just like you would any other tree or shrub. Water the plant thoroughly when you are done. It will begin new root generation almost immediately and with, the proper care, will experience a surge of growth after transplanting!

Do you have questions about Root Control Bags? Leave them in the comments below and we will answer them? Have you had good experiences with them? We want to hear from you!