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It’s time to step out of the box and try something new! It can be easy get stuck in “plant ruts”, ordering and recommending the same plants over and over again. We understand why- it’s convenient, easy and you already know how to care for those plants. However, we have such a wide variety of incredible plants to choose from- why not get creative and branch out into some more interesting varieties? We’ve gathered a list of a few favorite under-utilized perennials that are low-maintenance but still beautiful. Check out our online inventory for ordering information and more ideas.


Apple Blossom Yarrow (Achillea millefolium ‘Apple Blossom’)

Apple Blossom

Photo thanks to Northscaping.com

A rosy, demure perennial, the ‘Apple Blossom’ Yarrow brings subtle beauty to the landscape. It’s shell-pink, flat-top flower heads are wonders at attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. Their feathery fern-like leaves add visual interest and give off a slight odor that will deter deer and rabbits. This herbaceous perennial has an upright spreading growth habit and is fairly low-maintenance.


Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)


 Photo thanks to Northscaping

True-blue flowers abound on this versatile little groundcover plant. Brightly colored star-shaped flowers appear in clusters from late summer into early fall. It’s shiny, oval leaves are a deep green that turn to bronzed-auburn in autumn. This herbaceous perennial is relatively low-maintenance and looks great in mass plantings, on borders and as an all-purpose groundcover.


Moonbeam Tickseed (Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’)

Moonbeam Tickseed

Photo thanks to Northscaping.com

Moonbeam Tickseed is covered in small, buttery yellow daisy-like flowers with a background of feathery leaves. The flowers bloom from mid to late summer but the bright green leaves hold their color all season. This herbaceous perennial grows in a mounded form and brings a delicate texture to the landscape that can be used to add soft elegance to a design. Use as a groundcover, in borders, containers, rock gardens and more.


Geranium ‘Cheryl’s Shadow’

Cheryl's Shadow

This easy perennial boasts incredibly vivid foliage that makes it a favorite to showcase in containers, hanging baskets and boarders. ‘Cheryl’s Shadow’ has dark wine-purple foliage that contrasts beautifully with its pale pink blossoms. It grows in a compact, mounded form and is very easy to grow.


Mango Lassi Avens (Geum ‘Mango Lassi’)

Mango Lassi

Photo thanks to Northscaping.com

Frilly peach flowers abound, on this prolific perennial, from late spring into midsummer. The ruffled, textured blossoms (on a background of green, lobed leaves) add refined beauty and soft inspiration to the landscape. This beauty attracts butterflies and deters deer, making it an excellent choice for any landscape. Put it to work in containers, borders or rock gardens.


Snow Angel Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’)

Snow Angel

A gentle, elegant Heuchera, the Snow Angel illuminates the garden with variegated, pale green foliage. The creamy, mottled appearance offers an unearthly quality to this perennial. In early summer, tiny pink bell flowers rise above the heart-shaped leaves on slender stalks. Use this plant for edging and planted en masse for an attractive look.



Blue King Iris (Iris siberica ‘Blue King’)

Blue King

A deep brilliant late-spring bloomer, the Blue Iris produces voluminous deep-blue flowers, amid spiked foliage. It is relatively low-maintenance and produces a dramatic affect when paired with softer colors. This bold, bright color is a stand-out in the garden and can be used to accentuate and light up any sunny spot in the landscape.


Snowcap Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Snowcap’)

Snowcap Daisy

Photo by Northscaping.com

This variety of daisy offers the same sunny disposition as other popular varieties but has a much higher bloom rate. You still get the same bold, white flowers with sunshine centers but in more abundance! It blooms all summer long and looks best when planted in groups. This perennial will light up the landscape, year after year.


East Friesland Safe (Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland’)


Photo by Northscaping.com

Make a bold statement with tall, vibrant spikes of purple fragrant flowers. This perennial sage blooms with brilliance from late spring to early summer. Plant the East Friesland in groupings for the best visual effect. This herbaceous perennial has an upright spreading habit with tall stalks that attract pollinators from miles around. Line your borders with East Friesland for a colorful summer!


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