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Puget Sound Plants was honored to be featured in the June issue of Northwest Landscape Professional, the official publication of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP).



We got the chance to talk about our renewed emphasis on native plants and grasses. Native plants are wonderfully adapted to our climate and offer tons of versatility and visual interest to the landscape. We were also excited to talk about our Big Tree department, featuring a multitude of varieties, including a large selection of Japanese Maples. You can learn more by reading the article or visiting our online inventory.

We are grateful to WALP for the wonderful write-up and for their many informative classes and networking opportunities over the years. WALP helps us to stay informed about what you- the fantastic landscape professionals of the Pacific Northwest- really want and need from us!

You can view our entire current inventory online at any time by clicking here.


Thanks again, WALP!