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Plants in transit are fragile things.

Don’t leave your newly-purchased trees and shrubs out to dry!

In order to ensure the best results, transplant all new plants into soil as soon as possible. This will allow the roots to establish in their new location, with minimal stress to the plant. Leaving a root ball exposed increases its susceptibility to injury from the elements. However, sometimes circumstances get in the way and immediate transplanting is not possible. In that case, keep reading for some easy tips to protect trees and shrubs, while they await their new homes.

1. Keep root balls good and wet, while they wait.

2. Mulch the roots with sawdust, bark or compost.

3. Keep plants out of direct sunlight and wind, if possible. Try leaning them  against the north side of a building for more shelter.

4. You can cover them with a shade cloth, to create artificial shade, for added  protection.

5. Do not leave plants on the pavement! This will kill their fragile roots! Put them on soil, if possible, until they can be transplanted. If soil is unavailable, any cooler surface will do: mulch and grass are best but even concrete and gravel are cooler than asphalt.

By keeping the roots of trees and shrubs moist and cool, you increase their ability to survive and thrive in their new location and save you the hassle of having to repurchase plants!