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Advantages of Root Control Bags

The Root Control Bag is a fabric container that contains plant’s root structure and makes harvesting and transplanting quick and easy. We use them on our farm to control growth and manage healthy plants, while saving soil and easing the transition. This increases plants’ survival rates, while making your job-and ours- a lot easier. Here’s how:

Trees root-prune themselves!

As the roots of trees and shrubs grow, they hit the fuzzy fabric inside the bag. The roots do not circle on the fabric as they do when encased in plastic. Instead, the root is caught by the fuzzy inner surface of the material. The root penetrates the fabric. The tough fabric, however, prevents the root from expanding. The root is choked or girdled by the fabric. The choking causes the root to lose its apical dominance and lateral branching or pruning occurs inside the bag.

Much lighter root balls!

The roots of trees and shrubs grown in Root Control Bags are more compact, containing less soil and more root mass. A smaller root ball does not mean less roots; they are just tightly compacted. This makes them much easier to lift and transport, offering ergonomic protection for backs and knees. It also saves on a precious gasoline because you can fit more trees onto each truck load!

Leads to stronger trees!

When bags are cut and trees are planted, compact root bags save 90% of the roots, when planted while B&Bs only save 30%. The fewer number of root cuts leads to improved disease-resistance: fewer points of vulnerability for disease-carrying organisms to enter the plant. Once these trees and shrubs have been planted, their adjustment and growth are much faster than B&Bs. They have a much higher transplant success rate (the tree doesn’t even know that it’s been transplanted!)

We use High Caliper Growing root control bags. To learn more about them, click here.