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Looking for an inspiring new ornamental for this year’s designs? Try the Prunus “Crimson Point” flowering plum. It is ideal for many designs and offers several benefits for both commercial and residential properties. This beauty fits into many small areas and corners, because it is much more columnar than its other plum relatives. It eventually becomes a lovely shade tree and provides a nice accent and plenty of seasonal interest, as it grows.

The Stats on “Crimson Pointe”:

Height: 20 feet

Spread: 10 feet

Sunlight:  Full

Hardiness Zone: 4

Water needs: moderate (weekly during dry weather)

Spring brings fragrant, delicate white blossoms, to the “Crimson Pointe”, which permeate the air around with a subtle sweetness. Mature leaves have a deep burgundy color that provides a lovely contrast to new growth, which appears more orange and golden. It produces small drupes in late summer that attract a multitude of birds, enhancing the wildlife diversity of any property. With autumn, comes a deepening of the intense purple-burgundy leaves, creating a striking effect when paired with brighter deciduous trees like Red Maples.

“Crimson Pointe” Plum is a dense deciduous tree with a columnar growth habit, where branches grow almost parallel to the trunk. It’s an easy choice for tight spaces and works well as a hedge or screen tree.

This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed. It does require full sunlight and will not tolerate standing water but is otherwise quite accepting of other disturbing conditions and can be planted in a variety of soils, including urban areas. Try this versatile, interesting ornamental in your next design!