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While winter brings the cold, wet weather and many plants are dormant, we can use the opportunity to showcase the flora that is at their best this time of year. The following trees, shrubs and perennials are known for being particularly showy in the colder months.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ – Eulalia grass

A true ethereal beauty, Morning Light turns golden in late fall, fading to beige in the winter and remaining steadfast through every storm, swaying gently in the wind. Its graceful shape and tall form make it a great addition to a border, entryway or garden walk.








Cornus ‘Flaviramea’ – Yellow Twig dogwood

During the warmer months, this dogwood produces lovely foliage and flowers. However, it’s when the leaves have all fallen that its beauty is most pronounced. Aptly named, this dogwood has vivid yellowish-green bark that stands out, colorful and bright, against the winter sky. Pair it with evergreen foliage for a stunning winter display.










Corylus avellana  ‘contorta’ – Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

This member of the hazelnut family is quite striking in its branch formation. When the leaves have all fallen, a gnarled, contorted form remains; its dark brown, twisted branches adding significant winter interest.






Sarcococca humilis – Sweet box or Christmas box

True to its name, this small evergreen shrub produces the sweetest fragrant flowers each winter. The small blooms almost hide among the bright green foliage but their scent will not go unnoticed. After flowering, small black berries form and persist throughout the winter, adding further interest.









Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’ – Goshiki Holly-Leaf Osmanthus

The Goshiki is a compact, evergreen shrub who comes to life when the weather cools. Its leaves turn from pink to dark green with creamy yellow splotches, as if they have been splattered with paint. The showy foliage makes a lovely addition to a hedge, border or screen.








Bergenia ‘Baby Doll’– Babydoll Pigsqueak

The Babydoll Pigsqueak offers large, glossy, leathery leaves that turn a lovely shade of burgundy in the autumn, making this plant an eye-catcher in every season. The evergreen foliage looks striking as a border or in clumps and will tolerate poor soil.







Betula jacquemontii – Jacquemontii Birch clump form


The whitest of all the birches, this shrub-like tree produces clusters of white smaller trunks that stand out starkly against the winter landscape. When set against evergreen plants, these bright white branches light up the garden show!








Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans’- Plume Cedar

A lovely, dense evergreen tree, the Plume Cedar grows tall and stately with blue-green foliage in summer that turns to mahogany red in the winter. The bark is also reddish-brown and quite striking to the eye, making this tree a winter favorite!